About Solley Equipment and Rigging in Decatur, AL & nashville, TN

Established in 1972, Solley Equipment and Rigging, LLC provides crane and heavy equipment rental and other related services to customers throughout the Tennessee Valley from the company's headquarters in Decatur, Alabama. The company provides services for all phases of construction projects from the rental of operated and un-operated cranes and other heavy equipment through machinery installations, heavy and light machinery moving, industrial millwright work, and industrial plant maintenance for emergency and planned shutdowns. Solley can even provide air crane services for projects where standard cranes are not feasible or are more costly to use than an air crane.

Solley's team includes trained, certified operators that have experience in a wide range of heavy equipment rigging and machinery moving. Additionally, the staff can provide assistance in determining what cranes and heavy equipment are needed for each project.

Solley has become a dependable source for crane rental services in North Alabama, Southern Tennessee, Northwest Georgia, and Northeast Mississippi, by maintaining a fleet of equipment that is continuously updated with new equipment and maintained regularly. The company's fleet is certified based on OSHA and ANSI standards.
Solley's Workers - Crane Operators in Decatur, AL

Key Employees

Ray Solley
Ronnie Solley
Scott Belcher

Randy Hetrick
Safety Director & Sales
Tony Grisham
Field Supervisor
Leslie Rikard
Office & Accounts Manager

Benjie Solley
Huntsville Sales
Scottie Stevens
Nashville Office
Clint Watson
Nashville Office