Helicopter Crane Service in Decatur, AL

Solley Equipment & rigging LLC offers helicopter crane services for aerial lifting of heavy loads. Following the purchase of our first helicopter in 1984, we have continued to add aircraft, experience and additional services to our external load lifting capabilities since then.
Helicopter - Helicopter Crane Service in Decatur, AL

Helicopter Rentals

When you rent helicopter crane services from us, you can rely on many years of experience and success in the helicopter external load lifting business. We have provided helicopter crane services in busy metro, urban areas, construction sites, manufacturing plants as well as in remote areas such as forests and wildlands. We can erect structures and equipment in many areas where accessibility is not possible by conventional, ground based mobile cranes.

Our Fleet and Pilots

We currently provide Sikorsy, SK58 twin turbine and piston helicopters, with maximum external load capacities up to 4,600 lbs. Standard flight and support crew for most projects include pilot and 2 signalmen. Additional support crew, trucks, riggers are also available. Compliance with all Federal Aviation Regulations for all projects is mandatory and SAFELY COMPLETED PROJECTS will always be our highest aim.
For Helicopter Crane Service information contact Frank Barker at (256) 214-8487.