Markets Served at Solley Equipment and Rigging, LLC in Decatur, AL & Nashville, tn

Solley Equipment and Rigging, LLC provides industrial crane rental services throughout the Tennessee Valley. Our operated and unoperated cranes are available for use in many industries and markets.

Industrial Markets

Our industrial markets include the automotive, chemical, energy, food, paper and steel industries. Mills and refineries benefit from our crane services and our ability to move large pieces of equipment with ease during a plant relocation. It is important that our services and crane operations are efficient to prevent the disruption of the manufacturing process during machinery moving for these critical industries.

Commercial Markets

The commercial markets we serve include hotels, offices, warehouses and sports facilities. We also serve customers in commercial industries such as energy and telecommunications. With a variety of commercial markets, our various cranes can adapt to different needs and locations, like busy facilities that are open to the public. Our efficient crane services get the job done quickly and with precise care.

Institutional Markets

Our institutional markets include government facilities, hospital buildings, healthcare facilities, and educational buildings, including elementary schools and college campuses. Our equipment and services are also in demand for use in transportation, road building, and bridge construction. Our ability to adapt to different markets and to provide the type of crane that is the right size and type for your project means we can exceed the expectations of our customers with our efficient crane services.

Residential Markets

Our residential services include the construction market for apartments, condominiums and residential homes. Working in a residential neighborhood can be a delicate and complex process, and our experience and expertise means we can accomplish crane operation in tight quarters with excellent results.
No matter what your industry is, give us a call when you need reliable crane services.